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Kairos Juices Menu Page
Kairos Main Menu

For us it’s important to prepare healthy food to help you feel and be well. That’s why each one of the ingredients that we use in our menu is 100% natural, organic, hormone and chemical free, UNPROCESSED, and over all are made with the right amount of time to preserve its properties.

Kairos Full Menu Section


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Ingredients: spinach, brown rice, black beans, yam, egg, red pepper, green onion, avocado & chili mango sauce

Add quinoa for $.99


Choose between: collard leaf spinach or flour tortilla

Ingredients: brown rice, black beans, yam, red pepper, green onion, guacamole & chili mango sauce.

Add quinoa for $.99



Latin Quesodillas

brown rice, black beans, mozzarella cheese & pico de gallo
Chicken – $8.25
Shrimp – $8.99
Steak – $8.75
Salmon – $9.99


flour tortilla, lettuce, tomato, cheese, sour cream, guacamole, brown rice & beans
Veggie – $6.99
Chicken – $8.25
Shrimp – $8.99
Steak – $8.75
Salmon – $9.99


organic bread, guacamole, lettuce & tomato.
Veggie – $6.99
Chicken – $8.25
Shrimp – $8.99
Steak – $8.75
Salmon – $9.99

Kairos Latin Food Bottom
Kairos | Kids Bowls

Kairos Kids Bowls
Brown rice, black beans, and spinach. Choose your favorite meat and have it with: Chicken -Steak – [Salmon or Shrimp: $7.99]

$ 5.99

Kairos | Kids Quesadillas

Kids Quesadillas
Mozzarella cheese with your choice of meat and have it with your favorite tortilla. Choose your favorite meat and have it with: Spinach – Flour – Whole wheat – Tomato [Salmon or Shrimp: Add $1.99]

$ 5.99



Kairos | Juices

Kairos Green Juice: Celery, spinach, kale, pineapple, cucumber, orange & green apple.
Flu figter: Carrots, orange, ginger & celery.
Pre work out juice: Carrots, beets, lemon, ginger, & green apple.
Spicy lemonade: Green apple, lemon, & ginger.
Morning energizer: Carrots, beets, orange, green apple & ginger.
Explosion sunrise: Carrots, orange, ginger & turmeric.
Power green juice: Apple, celery, cucumber, spinach, & spirulina.

Kairos | Smoothies

Oats berry: Strawberry, banana, almond milk, organic oats, blueberries & yogourt.
Fresh Strawberry: Strawberry, banana, almond milk or whole milk.
Pink piña colada: Pineapple, strawberry,
coconut cream & pure coconut water.
Very berry: Strawberry, blueberry, blackberry,almond milk & non fat yogurt.
Fruit root: Carrot juice, banana, dates, ginger & almond.
Mega orange: Fresh squeezed orange juice,banana,strawberry, pineapple & yogurt.
Piña colada: Pure coconut water, coconut cream, & pineapple chunks.

Kairos | Kids

Green Caribbean: Mango, pineapple, banana, pure coconut, water & spinach.
Kale Dream: Kale, pineapple, banana, squeezed orange juice.
Go Green: Kale, spinach, green apple, pineapple,
& pure coconut water.
Double green: Kale, spinach, banana, spirulina, mango, & pure coconut water.
Piña kale lada: Pineapple, Kale, cucumber, shredder coconut, & pure coconut water.
Berry verde: Kale, strawberry, blueberry, banana, yogourt, & pure coconut water.

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Foods and benefits

Find in the following table the benefits of some of the foods that you get in Kairos

  • Kairos Ingredients | Celery
  • Kairos Ingredients | Cucumbers
  • Kairos Ingredients | Spinach
  • Kairos Ingredients | Kale
  • Kairos Ingredients | Carrot
  • Kairos Ingredients | Mango
  • Kairos Ingredients | Blueberry
  • Kairos Ingredients | Strawberry
  • Kairos Ingredients | Banana
  • Kairos Ingredients | Beet
  • Kairos Ingredients | Orange
  • Kairos Ingredients | Pear
  • Kairos Ingredients | Lemon
  • Kairos Ingredients | Apple
  • Kairos Ingredients | Pineapple

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